Personal Consultations 

Get 1:1 Guidance from a Certified Tao Leading Teacher

Get the High-Level Spiritual Support You Need.

Personal Consultations 

Get 1:1 Guidance from a Certified Tao Leading Teacher

Get the High-Level Spiritual Support You Need.

Guidance for the Next Level of Your Journey 

Whether you’ve been feeling lost, stuck or confused about your life…

Or you’ve been struggling with a challenge that just won’t end…

Or you’ve been searching for support to break through this level and into the next…

What you need isn’t “one size fits all” guidance 

Because you don’t live a “one size fits all” life.

What’s important to the 34 year old mom of 3 will look different than what’s important to the 45 year old entrepreneur or the 22 year old student.

What’s important to you is going to look different than what’s important to someone else.

That’s why there’s nothing better than a personal consultation, to meet you where you’re at, help you break through your obstacles, and guide you into the next level of your life.

Meet with Venier Wong

Venier Wong’s journey is extraordinary. In 2011, Venier was diagnosed with advanced metastasized breast cancer, and was given a prognosis by her doctors of having only 9-12 months left to live. Already being familiar with Dr & Master Sha’s remarkable Tao transformative wisdom and practice, Venier made the personal decision on her own, to not pursue conventional medical treatment anymore and fully rely on Master Sha’s Tao blessings and practices to transform her health. Goes without saying, she was able to far outlive the prognosis given to her. Even though she hasn’t yet completely transformed her health condition, Venier often shared that she is only alive, strong and well because of Master Sha’s teachings and Tao transmissions.Due to her long standing experience of gradually transforming her own health, Venier focus continues to be Tao Wellness, as one of Master Sha’s Leading Teacher. 

Before becoming a Tao Academy Certified Master Teacher, Venier has done incredible work in the fields of human rights, mental health, refugee and immigrant issues, social economic justice and racial equality. She was an executive board member of the largest international development organization in Canada, CUSO-Canada, and did significant work for non-profit community based organizations in Indigenous Skills Development, Women’s Shelter, and different marginalized communities. Venier has over 30 years of experience in consulting with major organizations employee capacity building and organizational change, including big names like OXFAM Canada, City of Toronto Public Health Department, Toronto District School Board of Toronto, and many more. 

Venier will tell you time and again that she has been able to continue working to serve others with immense vigor and energy because of Master Sha’s unconditional support for her health. She is fully dedicated to helping others create positive results for their health, like Master Sha has continued to do for her. In 2013, Venier co-founded the Pathway to Wellness 8 week program with Sher O’Rourke, another leading teacher of Master Sha. This program was designed for serving those with severe health challenges, using Master Sha’s revolutionary transformative techniques and modalities for self-transformation. Venier’s strength and commitment to serve others, against all odds, is extraordinary. She has helped thousands of people worldwide to transform their health, relationships, lives, business and workplaces. Venier’s impact on her community, students and clients is absolutely exceptional. Her service to others has led her to hold workshops and events in Africa, the Caribbeans, Central America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Click below to watch Venier’s story in her own words: 

Want to meet Venier for a one-on-one session?

During her consultations, Venier can empower you to better navigate your personal life challenges, and offer profound guidance specific to your unique needs and circumstances. 

What Is a Personal Consultation?

A Personal Consultation is a private online session between you and a Tao Academy Certified Master Teacher. 

During your 30 minute or 1 hour session, you’ll receive personalized spiritual guidance and support around the question(s) or intention of your choosing.

You get 1:1 support, a Master Teacher’s undivided attention, high-level blessings, and more, all personalized to you. 

What Can a Personal Consultation Support You With?

Overcoming Challenges with Your Health, Relationships, Business/Career, Finances, and More

Spiritual Development and Intuitive Growth

Getting Unstuck

Finding Purpose and Direction in Your Life

Mastering Your Unique Gifts and Abilities

 ...and so much more.

Receive High-Level Spiritual Guidance from a Certified Master Teacher.

How Does a Personal Consultation Work?

Step 1: Book your slot.

You can select between a 30-minute or 1-hour session, and use the “Book Now” button (under the teacher you’ve selected) to pay for your consultation and reserve your date and time.

Step 2. Enjoy your private consultation

After booking, you’ll receive an email with your private consultation link. On the date and time of your booked consult, click the link to begin your session. Bring your question(s) or intention for your session and receive the high-level guidance, wisdom, or training you need!

What it Means to Be a Certified Tao Leading Teacher…

Our Master Teachers have dedicated their lives to this work. Becoming a Certified Tao Master Teacher is a years-long process that involves rigorous training, dedication, and development.

Each Teacher has a deep understanding of ancient spiritual wisdom and practical healing techniques, and has trained and taught hundreds (or even thousands) of students all around the world.

Every Master Teacher has been personally trained by Dr. & Master Sha, and has experienced their own healing transformation through this work.

Through their years of training, each Teacher has developed their own areas of speciality. 

Venier Wong

Leading Teacher

Venier Wong is a Leading Teacher for Tao Wellness and Global Health and Wellness Africa.  She serves her clients and students with a listening and compassionate heart. She has helped thousands of people transform their health, relationships, lives and organizations - to reach their highest potential and achieve greater health, happiness and success.

With over 30 years of experience in health, transformative leadership, organizational change and social change education, Venier has worked on vital humanitarian issues focused on women's health, mental health and addictions, transforming trauma and violence against women and children, poverty and homelessness, human rights and social economic justice.  

Her passion, dedicated service and work has taken her around the world to Africa, South East Asia, Central America, South Asia, Caribbean, Europe and North America. 

Specialities: Physical health, emotional and mental wellness (especially chronic, complex, or life-threatening conditions).  Including women’s health and trauma, life transformation and spiritual development. Venier also specializes in transformation of organizations and businesses.

Sessions: *every session includes 1 x Tao Source Treasure*

30 Minutes - $750 CAD / 1 Hour - $950 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone book a consultation?

Yes! There is no application process. Anyone can book a personal consultation with the Master Teacher of your choice.

What can a consultation help me with?

In short: pretty much anything. Whether you’re going through a challenging time and need support, or you’re feeling lost and looking for direction, or you’re struggling with a chronic or serious health condition and are looking for answers, or you’re looking to develop spiritually or intuitively - our Certified Master Teachers can support you. From relationships to finances to business and career to spiritual development to life purpose and more - no matter your question or where you’re at in life, you can get supportive guidance through a Personal Consultation.

Should I book a 30 minute session or a 1 hour session?

That’s up to you! For your first time, we recommend booking a 30 minute session to begin. For more in-depth requests or mentorship, we recommend booking a 1 hour session.

Why are the prices different for each Master Teacher?

Each teacher brings their own level of training, experience, and availability - and this is honored accordingly! Between leading, training, and doing community initiatives, our Master Teachers’ schedules fill quickly. The pricing reflects both their availability and level of experience.

What if there are no dates/times available for the Master Teacher I want to book with?

Some Master Teachers may have less spots available and book up more quickly. In that case, we recommend selecting another teacher! Even if their listed speciality isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, every Master Teacher is trained to support you with any question or challenge you may have. Plus, we don’t believe in coincidence. If you’re being guided to work with someone else, it’s likely because that is the person who can support you best!

What’s Included

Every Personal Consultation includes

1 x Private Session: (30 minutes or 1 hour)

1 x Tao Source Transmission  

Founded on the Teachings of Dr. & Master Sha   

Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao Grandmaster, World Renowned Healer, and 11 x New York Times Bestselling Author. He is a grandmaster of many ancient Eastern arts (including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Chinese Calligraphy) and holds an MD in Western Medicine from China.

As a 373rd lineage holder of Peng Zu (the Chinese Taoist lineage of Lao Zi - the author of the Dao Te Ching), Dr. & Master Sha was initiated into an ancient Taoist tradition that has been kept alive for more than 5000 years.

His mission in life is to serve humanity with this wisdom - combining the essence of modern quantum science with ancient Tao teachings to help people be happier and healthier.

A renowned humanitarian, Dr. & Master Sha is the Founder of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation and a recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for promoting world peace. 

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